Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Lin Li, Hong Xin, Gong Mi
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Gong Mi dances with Hong Xin
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Mainland's top Mao Zedong special actor Hong Xin yesterday came to Hong Kong to sign with his management company. Chu Wing Lung, Angela Gong Mi and Lin Li came in support. Gong Mi danced with Hong Xin and revealed that she would have a chance to work on his series MAO ZEDONG IN NORTHEAST television series.

Hong Xin stated that at first he never imagined that he would become a Mao Zedong special actor. By chance a make up artist recommended him to audition and finally he became an actor. Would he stay in Hong Kong more for work? He said, "Hopefully Hong Kong film companies would make more red movies, FOUNDING OF A REPUBLIC had 1/3 of its cast from Hong Kong. I believe in the future there will be more and more." Speaking of Hong Kong audience would be more chilly to politics, Hong Xin said, "From FOUNDING's passionate reception nation wide, I believe now this is no longer the case."

Gong Mi who belongs to the same management company as Hong Xin mentioned earlier rumors with Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting) when she worked on BRUCE LEE, MY BROTHER, which she denied. "No, he is very nice though, very easy to get along with. He even often corrects my Cantonese." When asked whether her Cantonese has led to jokes, Gong Mi said, "Right, when I
said 'communicate' and 'waited for you all morning' they made fun of me. Apparently I turned them into foul language."

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