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Chrissie Chau Sau Na (second left), Law Chung Him (third right), Theresa Fu Wing, Jessica C.
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Chrissie Chau
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The Chrissie Chau Sau Na and Jessica C. starred new film BEACH SPIKE (YIT LONG KAU OI JIN) two nights ago held its wrap banquet. Jessica C. arrived in a small tank top and became the focus of the event, but she did not receive the same treatment as Chau Sau Na, Theresa Fu Wing and her rumored boyfriend Law Chung Him and sat with director Tony Tang and executive producer Charlie Wong. The three women during photo opportunities held each other by the waist to dispel any talk of dispute. Fu Wing even said that the girls were not at odds. Instead because of the toughness of the shoot they cared about each other; however Chrissie complained that she was very dry.

Sister Na due to work was the last artist to arrive. Speaking of BEACH's volleyball and kung fu, did she breathe a sigh of relief with the wrap? She agreed. "At least I don't have to suffer from mosquito bites; in addition BEACH's action and volleyball scenes indeed were rather tough, once we shot for 18 hours straight. I believed the three of us now are afraid of even seeing a volleyball. However because we constantly played volleyball, I have become healthier and improved a lot at the game."

Someone joked that she and Jessica C. in the film often had to throw out their chest to play, now they could finally put away their "balls"; Sister Na humorously said, "We put them all away! Today we didn't bring any volleyball, haha. However after making this movie I would seek therapy from a Chinese medicine practitioner. Because of being in the sun everyday my eyes showed signs of heat. In addition I haven't been to a beauty salon in two months, it's time to take care of my skin. It's too dry and lack nourishment. (Did you only feel dry because you haven't had time to see your boyfriend?) Haha, lately indeed I have rarely seen him."

Fu Wing also admitted that volleyball was rather hard to play, but was happy that she received praised for her kung fu scenes. She was interested to continue to practice martial art and work toward becoming an action actress. As for the dispute rumors between girls, she denied, "How could that be, Chau Sau Na and I have already become good friends. Actually all of us girls have, everyone have been like a professional volleyball team with a lot of unity spirit. We even worry about each other if we get hurt, for better and for worse!"

After finishing her first film, Jessica C. was very happy and felt very lucky. She was rather nervous about her first film but everyone in the film was very friendly and supportive to me, as if they were helping her grown in the film industry.

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