Friday, September 10, 2010


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Louis Koo Tin Lok yesterday attended the Sai Wan Ho Hong Kong Film Archive's Eastern District Montage Independent Film Festival opening ceremony. Yesterday Goo Jai was very careful when he walked. Earlier he injured his right ACL, for the next half a year he could not
make any action film. Later he would require surgery.

Goo Jai ten years ago worked on a Tang Yat Kwan directed short film. Goo Jai yesterday along with music video director Jacky Lee shared their independent film production experience. He pointed out that back then during the shoot he felt the content was very abstract. He played a hair stylist, the rest was already very blurry. Would he work with Tang Yat Kwan again? Goo Jai did not answer directly and only said that he knew many people who made independent short films. Sometimes online he would see funny short films and would ask others to introduce this type of directors to him, in hopes of being able to absorb their daring and innovation ideas. Unfortunately, Goo Jai still resisted from being a director. The director had to tell a story with the camera, which was truly too hard. He or she had to be certain of his own ideas, which was absolutely not simple. He was better off as an actor and would rather work behind the scene, like being a producer for the film NAKED AMBITION (HO CHING). At the time he had to be responsible for the planning of the entire film.

Goo Jai also revealed that he was in negotiation for a 3D film, but for now he could not work on an action film He explained that earlier when he was working on the film A CHINESE GHOST STORY (SIN NUI YAU WON) in the Mainland, he injured his right ACL. In two weeks he would have the operation to reconnect it and he would be able to move four to six weeks after that. However he would need a year to recover completely. However, Goo Jai stated that he might not have time to rest. After the operation he would immediately work on a new film, even if he had to carry a cane. However action scenes would have to wait until six months later. He said that right now even walking hurt and he had to take pain killers. Also, earlier Raymond Wong Pak Ming was interested in making the film YANG CLAN WARRIORS (YEUNG GA JEUNG) and Goo Jai was rumored to star. He admitted that the film will not start production until next year. Thus he did not need to worry about the action scenes then.

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