Sunday, September 12, 2010


Shum Ka Ho, Leung Ka Tai, Chow Yun Fat, Fung Hong Kei, Tse Chi Tat

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Chow Yun Fat's fondness for photography has already reached a point where he could not pull away from. On the day of the interview, the reporter and photo reporters went along with Fat Gor. In the short ten minute ride, Fat Gor kept talking about photography and showed strands of satisfaction between his brows.

In the brink of an eye, we have already reached Shek Kip Mei's Jockey Club Creative Art Center, the headquarter of the Hong Kong photography culture association. Actually Fat Gor brought reporters here to meet a group of photography fanatics and thus deepen Hong Kong's interest in photography. Under Fat Gor's introduction, we met the association chair Leung Ka Tai and members Shum Ka Ho, Fung Hong Kei and Tse Chi Tak. Their names have already been renowned in the photography world. Despite their rough hands, they were passionate about promoting this art.

Fat Gor recalled going to Inner Mongolia with them last year. "I just met them last year, once we went we went for three days. Every one of them have very high concepts about photography, ultraviolet ray and special lighting. They really opened my eyes. Most importantly I could ditch my wife for those three days and go all over the place." Uncle Tai
said, "Thank you Fat Gor for helping us promote photography. Hopefully he will greatly support the upcoming Hong Kong Photo Festival 2010!" Shum Ka Ho also said, "Although Fat Gor hasn't joined our club, his great intention has helped our promotion!" Fat GOr said, "Originally they wanted me to go to every photo festival, you know! My film production schedule isn't mine to control, so today I have to come and help them promote."

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