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Andy Lau Tak Wa and Li Bingbing worked together for the fourth time on DETECTIVE DEE AND THE MYSTERY OF THE PHANTOM FLAME (DIK YUN KIT ji TUNG TIN DAI GOK). Bingbing felt very familiar and at the same time "very funny". She pointed out that scenes with Wa Jai were all seduction scenes, but each time the seduction method was different. However every time they worked together they became more familiar.

Wa Jai as Di Renjie and Bingbing as Shangguan Jinger had a delicate relationship. Jinger was Wu Zetian's personal servant who was assigned to observe Di Renjies' every move. She even used her body to test him. For this "passion scene", Bingbing had to face Wa Jai topless. Although they have known each other for quite some time and have worked together many times, this shoot inevitably was awkward and intense. Bingbing also asked for the set to be cleared. They had quite a difficult time with this "passion scene". Because Hengdian's temperature reached 45 degrees Celsius, they would be sweating all over just by moving. Yet Bingbing said, "Luckily the shoot had water and stripping scenes, then we didn't have to have such a tough time!"

The scene in which Wa Jai took off his pants were still like yesterday for them. In the story Di Renjie in order to protect Shangguan Jinger from the poison arrow pushed her away, but because she was not able to react in time, Jinger actually pulled down Di Renjie's pants. Director
Tsui Hark in order to make it convenient for Bingbing to successfully remove Wa Jai's pants put a skateboard next to Wa Jai. When Wa Jai pushed away Bingbing by the shoulder, Bingbing would put off Bingbing's pants. Either Bingbing was nervous or Wa Jai's sweat created friction between his legs and pants, a simple scene took three hours to shoot. On average his pants were removed six times every hour. It was 18 times before it was a success. Later, they joked, "I feel everyone is too nervous, in addition Bingbing lacks experience in taking off men's pants!"

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