Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Ah Niu (seated, center) called in all the favors for his movie
courtesy of takungpao.com

The new film ICE KACANG PUPPY LOVE was Ah Niu (Chan Hing Cheung)'s first film as a director and a star. In order to fulfill his film dream, he sold his house, used all of his life saving, and called in favors from Angelica Lee Sinjie, Victor Huang (Wong Bun Koon), Jasmine Leong Jing Yu, Gary Chaw (Cho Gat) and other superstars to perform. He honestly said that the pressure was enormous.

The film's background was the Malaysian countryside over a decade ago. The actors' costumes were very retro. Bun Koon slicked back his hair, wore flip flops and a gold Rolex, shaking his money maker while singing love songs; Cho Gat played a mobster who wore a loose and torn white tank top to bully everyone around. Yet the film focus remained on Ah Niu and the married Sinjie's 42 second long kiss scenes.

Ah Niu even revealed that once he was interested in Lee Sinjie. In high school they often participated in drama camp and have become friends for years. Lee Sinjie said that after many years she finally realized that Ah Niu was interested in her and she was surprised. The past crush became the female lead. Everyone jokingly yelled, "The director deliberately arranged benefits for himself!" Ah Niu said, "No! It was purely for dramatic effects!" Sinjie joked, "For this scene, my co-star is my good friend Ah Niu. Actually I was very nervous. Before the shoot I drank half a bottle of red wine before I was able to get into character!" Ah Niu replied, "Actually I drank the rest of the bottle!"

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