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The 1st New York Chinese Film Festival came to a close on September 20, 2010. That night a "China Night" was held with over 200 U.S. officials, cultural, art and creative workers in attendance.

At the closing night banquet, the 28th Most Outstanding Asian Artist award presentation took place. Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi, Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho), Jiang Wenli, and Zhang Hanyu's professionalism, hard work and achievements in film have always won them audience love and support. These four film workers received the award, which could be even greater recognition of their achievement and their performing art level.

The event invited U.S. actor Matthew Modine to present the award to Ng Yin Cho. He was very honored and happy to receive the award. He was born and raised in the U.S., after returning to Hong Kong he joined the film industry and made over 50 films. This time being able to receive his first award from the U.S. government and culture and art world in the U.S., it was both excited and unforgettable for him.

Cheung Pak Chi lost her voice due to the flu. After receiving her award from international fashion designer Vivien Tam, she could only whisper to the host who relayed her speech. Pak Chi thanked the New York City Department of Culture, Lincoln Art Center International Art Exchange, Chinese American Art Council for recognizing and honoring her. Today although she was the mother of two, she still was passionate about film performing art. Thus in the future she will work hard to be able a good actor as well as a good mother who cares about her children.

Jiang Wenli and Zhang Hanyu stated that while the national premier Wen Jiabao visited U.S. they were able to shoulder the cultural exchange mission "here and now" and even received a honor, they felt it was particularly meaningful.

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