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Director Tsui Hark's new film DETECTIVE DEE AND THE MYSTERY OF THE PHANTOM FLAME (DIK YUN KIT ji TUNG TIN DAI GOK) is in competition at this year's Venice Film Festival. Leads Andy Lau Tak Wa and Li Bingbing attended the event with the team and two nights ago ended their short three day promotion. Before leaving they still had an intense media
interview schedule. Wa Jai talked about as Mainland promotion time grew longer and longer, he had less time for his family vacation. Yet when asked about his wife, he kept a smile but did not answer.

Was he leaving early because he did not have much expectation? Wa Jai said, "If someone has to win, I hope the director would win. I wouldn't be so naive and think about winning. This is destiny. When I keep acting I will have a chance to win an award."

Speaking of the Li Bingbing seduction scene, they both had to dodge arrows naked in the room. Wa Jai stated that he did not use a double and joked, "Li Bingbing wanted the set to be cleared, but strangely after clearing the set 20 some people still walked around. I was somewhat
embarrassed, she was completely naked but had no stage fright. Amazing. Of course she looked great too." Bingbing clarified that she did not ask for the set to be cleared. Finally they blamed the director.

Wa Jai was willing to talk about anything except his wife. He mentioned that due to the enormous size of the Mainland market, he had to promote in several cities. Although he was a workaholic he still insisted on taking one or two months off. He could not possibly stop acting and enjoy life like Maggie Cheung Man Yuk. He joked that he was an "old ox", if he could get two months off in a row he would be satisfied.

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