Thursday, September 23, 2010


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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and Ann Hui On Wa yesterday attended the ALL ABOUT LOVE (DUK HAN CHAU FAN) forum at the Hong Kong University and shared their production experience with students. Hui On Wa mentioned that working with homosexuality as a subject was very dangerous because she was not a homosexual and has already passed the age of sex and romance. Kwan Yu pointed out in the past male homosexual subject films would always perform better at the box office than female homosexual films. She also mentioned that no matter how open the society is now, these subjects cannot be publicly discussed. Now the big screen was like a magnifying glass had certain risks.

Ng Kwan Yu and Michelle Reis (Lee Ka Yun) earlier were rumored to be pregnant around the same time, finally only Lee Ka Yun's was real. Kwan Yu said, "Before the report when the world speculated about her pregnancy, I didn't call and gossip. I too only found out from reading the report and made dinner plans next week." Kwan Yu pointed out that she did not mind and now she could return to the work. Instead she was happier about Ka Yun's first pregnancy.

Kwan Yu appeared with a short hairstyle. In this sensitive period was she afraid of being accused of cutting her hair for the pregnancy? She said, "Awaiting pregnancy? Finding a surrogate is more like it. My friend sent surrogate information to me. I am interested since I don't have to do it myself. Every pregnancy wastes two years, then I have to slim down again." However, so far she knew that only the U.S. had surrogate mothers. She would consider if Hong Kong has them too. However she still would consult the elders first. Would she also accept
artificial insemination? She said, "Don't use me as a lab rat, I am already very tired."

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