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Liu Yunlong, Nick Cheung Ka Fai
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Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Liu Yunlong in THE FOUNDING OF A PARTY played Jiang Baili and Liang Qichao. When they first appeared they were in Europe, so during the shoot they had to communicate in English. Cheung Ka Fai won seven Best Actor awards with THE BEAST STALKER (JING YUN). This time Ka Fai no longer had any action scene, playing Liang Qichao should not be difficult for him. However Cheung Ka Fai still felt pressure. He pointed out that Liang Qichao was full of culture. In 1922 he was teaching at the Qinghua school and in 1925 he was an instructor at the Qinghai National Studies Research Center. He felt that he should have more culture and thus asked the make up artist to strengthen this area, prepare more glasses and try many costumes in hopes of coordinating.

Liu Yunlong in the film played one of China's three best NCOs Jiang Baili. In the film he was in his 30s and served at the headmaster of the Baoding Army University. In 1919 when the May 4th Movement erupted Jiang Baili, Liang Qichao and others were observing in Europe. Although Liu Yunlong had only a few lines, he valued this performance and has been practicing his English. THE FOUNDING OF A PARTY director Huang Jianxin also would provide actors with ample room to demonstrate their abilities according to their on the set performance. The director's habit though left Liu Yunlong sweating. He was also very worried about Director Huang suddenly deciding to add or remove lines and wasting his preparation.

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