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Tsui Hark promises Carina Lau Ka Ling as the never before seen Wu Zetian

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Tsui Hark after six years returned to direct a wuxia film, DETECTIVE DEE AND THE MYSTERY OF THE PHANTOM FLAME (DIK YUN KIT ji TUNG TIN DAI GOK). Although it was a pre race favorite, in the end it was unable to win the Golden Lion. Leads Andy Lau Tak Wa, Carina Lau Ka Ling and Li Bingbing did not win any award either. Just returning from Venice, Tsui Hark yesterday was very easy about the defeat and was not disappointed. As for the three actors' performances, Tsui Hark was very satisfied. In particular Lau Ka Ling was absolutely Wu Zetian in his heart.

Tsui Hark looked tired yesterday. He honestly said that he was suffering from jet lag. Speaking of the Venice Film Festival defeat, was Tsui Hark disappointed? He said, "No! I always feel that in a competition some would win and some would lose, most importantly the audience liked it after watching it." He pointed out that Wa Jai asked him what he had in his mind now, he honestly said that he did not have any idea. He only felt that the mission was completed. Tsui Hark pointed out that in a competition he of course wanted to win, but with over 20 films everyone was taking for it all. Every film was a good film. In the end only one person could win, so he felt he should be more relaxed.

When asked whether he felt the winner due to familiarity with the jury had an advantage, Tsui Hark honestly said that he did not know. He believed that the decision was not up to one person but many members of the jury. No one would be so obvious and give it to his own friend. Were
the actors disappointed? Tsui Hark said that everyone was very happy, Ka Ling earlier watched other films and praised everyone's performance. This time was like trading blows with experts. As for the result, Tsui Hark joked that he did not see a single movie. Everyday was very busy in Venice, he almost did not have time to eat. Before the race was he full of confidence? Tsui Hark stated that he would not think about that. He pointed out that this was a commercial, the chance to participate in a film festival was already very rare. He has never officially competed

Li Bingbing's performance in the film stole the show. Tsui Hark reiterated that actually Lau Ka Ling's role was heavier than Bingbing's. This time he asked Ka Ling to play Wu Zetian because this character needed an actress of caliber. Ka Ling was very suitable. Earlier everyone discussed how the role of Wu Zetian should be played. Finally they felt that Wu Zetian was like a mother who was gentle like Buddha, but what something happened she would be murderous intention. Tsui Hark said, "Whatever I wanted Ka Ling to do she has done." Earlier Tsui Hark once pointed out that Bingbing's performance in the film had shades of Brigitte Lin (Lam Ching Ha) in THE SWORDSMAN II (DUNG FONG BUT BAI). Tsui Hark yesterday clarified that Bingbing and Ching Ha's performances were completely different, only their eyes had some resemblance.

This was Tsui Hark's first collaboration with Lau Tak Wa, Wa Jai joked that his acting was not good enough before so Tsui Hark never asked him to make a movie. Tsui Hark said that was unrelated. He pointed out that they have always wanted to work together and hoped for suitable material. He also hoped for Wa Jai to appear with a new image in the film so he thought some thought into it. This time he had facial hair. Was Wa Jai unwilling to coordinate with the image? Tsui Hark said, "No, he is considered willing, but after trying out many looks, he still felt
like he was Wa Jai." Waj ai said that this film was Tsui Hark's comeback to wuxia film. Tsui Hark said that the film was not just a wuxia film but also about a relationship between the official and the ruler. It was full of fantastic style and mystery.

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