Friday, September 10, 2010


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Settled in Australia, famous Hong Kong director Clara Law Cheuk Yiu's short film RED EARTH, which her husband Eddie Fong Ching Ling produced and Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) starred in, was selected for the 67th Venice Film Festival Horizon competition. Law Cheuk Yiu and Fong Ching Ling originally wanted to promote as a couple, but Fong Ching Ling felt ill after arriving in Venice as a fever kept him in bed. Law Cheuk Yiu helplessly said, "He has rarely been so sick that he couldn't get out of bed. Even the Venice Film Festival workers felt sorry for me, having to do all the press conferences and interviews alone."

Why did Ng Yin Cho not come to promote in Venice? Law Cheuk Yiu laughed and said, "He seems to be busy with his honeymoon right now." RED EARTH was full of environmental protection messages. Law Cheuk Yiu and Ng Yin Cho both hoped the short film would be able to call the audience to the urgency of Earth being on the brink of doom.

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