Tuesday, September 14, 2010


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Malay singer Ah Niu earlier brought his first film as a director, ICE KACANG PUPPY LOVE (CHOR LUEN HUNG DAU BING) to promote in Changsha. He not only talked about the production with Angelica Lee Sinjie, Penny Dai Pui Nei and other buddies but also conducted a small scale "first love girlfriend" contest. Among the three different style candidates, Ah Niu finally chose "Flower" candidate Xie Wenting as he thought her more mild mannered personality was right for the "first love girlfriend" image.

First time director Ah Niu claimed that he was not following the singer turned director trend as his initial dream was making movies. "My dream of making movies was before I became a singer, so when I had the ability to fulfill it I started to plan ICE KACANG." AH Niu stated that he chose "first love" as his first film topic because he felt he could make it well and be able to control it. "Actually what I want to remember with this film wasn't first love but a Malay small town." Ah Niu who grew up in a small town could only recall his childhood through photos and memories as small towns gradually vanished due to city development.

As for the group support of Lee Sinjie, Victor Wong (Bun Guoon), Gary Chaw (Cho Gat) and other "Malay Gang" all stars, Ah Niu was very appreciative and said that they all performed at a "friendly rate". Lee Sinjie even used her own experience to help Ah Niu with his script. She
wrote many of "Fighting Fish" lines in the film. Ah Niu honestly said that he is already thinking about his next film.

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