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Stephen Chow Sing Chi's 1995 film series CHINESE ODYSSEY (SAI YAU GEI) was a critical and commercial hit. Its line "Love you 10,000 years" even became a classic line. Two years ago Sing Yeh reportedly would return to the Journey to the West subject.

Recently, Bingo Group executive Sing Yeh finally confirmed NEW CHINESE ODYSSEY (SUN DAI WA SAI YAU), which will start production in February. Sing Yeh has not confirmed whether he will perform. However this film has been so important to him that he continuously recruited big stars for the new film. In August Sing Yeh even personally went to Beijing to invite international Best Actress Maggie Cheung Man Yuk to play the Queen Mother. Because Sing Yeh was extremely sincere and Maggie wanted to work on a comedy, her chance of performing was rather high. Not only NEW, Sing Yeh also talked about tailoring a woman film for Maggie with a lot of potential.

He not only personally invited Maggie to perform but also asked Will Smith. Reportedly when Will Smith came to Hong Kong to promote I AM LEGEND, he met with Sing Yeh and also mentioned his CHINESE ODYSSEY project. In 2008, Sing Yeh met with Will Smith again when he went to the U.S. for the GREEN HORNET negotiation. He again invited he and his son Jaden to guest star together as he was interested in turning Jaden into the young Monkey King. As for why Old Sun would turn into a foreigner, Sing Yeh thought of 72 actors to play the Monkey King role simultaneously. Old Sun is able to make 72 transformations into men, women, seniors, children and even foreigners!

Derek Kwok Chi Kin will direct NEW CHINESE ODYSSEY. In order to make this film, Sing Yeh postponed KING OF COMEDY 2. Kwok Chi Kin said, "With big stars like them, Mr. Chow have to personally negotiate. I am waiting for his notification. However my initial cast list has Hollywood superstars and some big stars."

Reportedly the version will be a youth version, with Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting) as the Tang Monk and Ethan Ruan (Yuen King Tin) as Sun Wukong the Monkey King. The film would also have characters like the White Bone Demon, Princess Iron Fan, Bull King and Sand Monk, who new comers from Mainland recruitment will play. Although Sing Yeh would only be a producer this time, he could express his opinions about the cast. He personally met with Yuen King Tin. Sing Yeh felt that Siu Tin had Sun Wukong's lively side so he was the most suitable to play the character. Sing Yeh would also guest starred as a transformed Sun Wukong. Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi has also been invited to guest star. Because it was a story about a young Tang Monk, the leads would be idol actors.

Despite China Film Group repeatedly suggested for Sing Yeh to play the Tang Monk role, he did not agree. Because if he starred, the film could not possibly be a youth version. In addition TAI CHI is almost ready for production, during which he would not have time to handle other film.

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