Sunday, September 19, 2010


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Deng Chao, Li Bingbing, Andy Lau Tak Wa, Tsui Hark, Carina Lau Ka Ling, Tony Leung Ka Fai
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Director Tsui Hark yesterday along with Andy Lau Tak Wa, Li Bingbing, Carina Lau Ka Ling, Tony Leung Ka Fai and Deng Chao attended the DETECTIVE DEE AND THE MYSTERY OF PHANTOM FLAME (DIK YUN KIT ji TUNG TIN DAI GOK) Asian premiere press conference in Beijing. Because the film was Tsui Hark's 50th, the event led with the word hero and looked back at Tsui Hark's classic films. Wa Jai after watching said, "In 1981 when I started, Tsui Hark scheduled me to perform in his 50th film." Wa Jai also joked that he asked about the box office performance when he passed by a Goddess of Mercy Temple and the response was OK (the Goddess of Mercy's hand gesture).

Wa Jai said that he mentioned to Tsui Hark about wanting to play 007, he never expected Tsui Hark to arranged for him to play this Chinese 007 Di Renjie. He privately has read many novels and watched television series about Di Renjie, but Tsui Hark wanted him to forget all the information because they wanted to make a different Di Renjie. Some reporters thought that the detective should be short and fat, but Wa Jai seemed to be too handsome. He said, "In every movie everyone complains that I am too handsome, how can I answer?" As Wu Zetian Ka Ling honestly said that initially she was afraid of taking this role, but because she trusted Tsui Hark she took the role. She said, "In the past when people watched Tsui Hark movies, they don't remember the story but they definitely remember the character image. Tsui Hark is a very extraordinary image making expert who also is enabled me to create the Lau Ka Ling version Wu Zetian. It was very tough but very worth it." Li Bingbing's character was well trained in martial arts. Tsui Hark thought that he treated Bingbing to cruelly during the fight scenes. Bingbing said, "Old Master, please continue to be cruel to me."

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