Saturday, September 11, 2010


Chrissie Chau Sau Na

Jacquelin Chong Si Man
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Chrissie Chau, Law Chung Him
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The Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) directed film FUN CHIN SI OI (BEFORE MARRIAGE TEST LOVE) two nights shot at a hotel. Chrissie Chau Sau Na and Law Chung Him attended in wedding wear. Other actors included Timmy Hung Tin Ming, Carol Yeung Chi Yiu, Jacqueline Chong Si Man and King Kong. Chau Sau Na and Chong Si Man were rumored to be at odds, but they stressed that they would not compare figures.

Chau Sau Na two nights ago wore a back revealing wedding gown. She said that the film company arranged for it. Reporters claimed that she was dressed conservatively and she said she did not mind wearing anything. In the film Chau Sau Na had intimate scenes with both Law Chung Him and Shum Chi Ming. She joked that this time she could please herself. After three years with her boyfriend this time she finally had the chance to go off the rail. Chau Sau Na pointed out that since she has been with her boyfriend no third party has been able to break in. She said, "We don't have much of a gap, the gap is very tight." As for claims that she replaced Stephy Tang Lai Yun as Yip Lim Sum's new favorite, she said it was unrelated. Earlier she worked with the director on a television program, after that he came up with this movie.

Carol two nights ago appeared in a school uniform. She revealed that in the film she had some sexy scenes. Carol was not only busy with the film but also with school, she said that she had to make time. Speaking of working with Chau Sau Na, she said that in the film they had no scene together. Did they fight over screen time? She honestly said that she did not dare to since it was her first time. She only wanted to do her part well. Chong Si Man was also rumored to be at odds with Chau Sau Na. Two nights ago they stated that they absolutely were not. Normally they would chat. Of course when they were not chatting they would not laugh, since they were not crazy. Reporters stated that they now could compete with their figures. Chong Si Man said, "I had the operation not to compete with others." In addition, Deep Ng Ho Hong reportedly thought her chest was very hard and they had to stay away from sex for half a year. She said that she never said that and she was unhappy when she saw the report. She said that her chest has soften since the surgery and she admitted that her boyfriend has seen it.

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