Thursday, September 23, 2010


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Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) in the film KINGFISHER played a pregnant woman. She carried an over 5 pound fake belly in the hot Kaohsiung; she even had to be on the lam with the new born as her husband Enson Chang (Cheung Ngan Ming) became involved in a murder. However, Lau Sum Yau did not have too tough of a time because in the entire film she was either sleeping in a vehicle or being carried. The only tough part was the smoking scene.

Lau Sum Yau did not smoke herself but years ago due to the film SHAMO (KWUN GAI) she learned to. Before the shoot she began to "catch up" and smoked a few cigarette to pick up the feel and the gestures. Lau Sum Yau herself disliked the smell of cigarettes but for work she had to do it. Luckily it was just one scene. Lau Sum Yau said, "The guy I am looking for not only has to be filial but also cannot smoke."

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