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[2010.09.12] MORE ON KARENA LAM

Karena Lam Ka Yun

Simon Yam Tat Wa
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Lucky in love, Karena Lam Ka Yun after her Filmko contract ended in March decided not to renew it and headed to Canada. She would rather give up her career. Although Filmko invested tens of millions on the costume film DON QUIXOTE in hopes of pushing Lam Ka Yun again and
often negotiated a contract with her, Lam Ka Yun was determined to go. She did not appear during DON's promotion and was nowhere to be found at the promotion of her other film with Eason Chan Yik Shun, LOVER'S DISCOURSE (LUEN YUN SHUI YU). An insider who was familiar with her pointed out, "Lam Ka Yun has always had her own personality. Few can hinder her decision. Even though Filmko made her a star single-handedly, love always comes first for her. She wants to get married and start a family. She is determined to do it and never discussed it with the company. When she didn't want to renew her contract she just didn't renew it."

Lam Ka Yun's husband Steve Yuen Kim Wai personally confirmed their registered marriage and her pregnancy. Former boss Alex Wong Hoi Fung was not in Hong Kong. Filmko management's Ms. Wong said, "Congratulations to her!" Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung who worked with Lam Ka Yun on LOVER's DISCOURSE, "Congratulations to her, I am very happy to hear that. Earlier she was rumored to retire from show business, I thought she ran into something unpleasant. Now that I know she is married and pregnant, I am very happy for her. Earlier when I learned that she could not promote LOVER'S DISCOURSE I was somewhat disappointed, but now I am very happy for her. Maybe after she is settled and has her child, I will meet up with her when she returns to Hong Kong. I will also congratulate her through her assistant." Candy Lo Hau Yam also congratulated her through her assistant. She was happy for her and hoped that she would return to work soon after giving birth.

Lam Ka Yun was married June 13 in Vancouver. Aside from parents of both sides, Lam ka Yun's god mother Rebecca Pan (Poon Dik Wa) also attended. Yesterday Sister Pan said that Lam Ka Yun had to muster up a lot of courage for the marriage decision because her beloved show business career would come to an end.

"Now is when Ka Yun is the most fortunate and happiest. Earlier outside speculation is unfair to her. I urged her to publicize her marriage, but she grew up overseas and didn't want to announce her marriage. She forgot that she was a public figure. She has always been healthy and simple but attracted gossip. So let me as god mother tell everyone. I don't want her to seem like she was having an affair."

Sister Pan said that Yuen Kim Wai loved Ka Yun very much. She said, "Ka Yun before marriage mustered up a lot of courage to make this decision because she knew after marriage she might not be able to return. Mr. Yuen doesn't like Ka Yun to come back to show business, but she liked the film art very much. She struggled inside over this. Finally between career and love she chose love, so she got married. With Ka Yun's pregnancy, both of them are very loving and liked children." Sister Pan said that Ka Yun has said that she must raise her own children. She
wanted to be a full time mother and would rather give up her career. She said that Ka Yun and her husband would like a pleasant surprise so they did not want to know the child's sex in advance. They are expectant in November. After giving birth conceivably she would try for more children.

Currently Lam Ka Yun's life is very healthy and normal in Canada. This happy mother to be is learning to cook. Sister Pan went to Canada for the wedding banquet with her maid, who mainly taught Ka Yun how to cook Chinese dishes. She said, "At first Yuen Kim Wai and I were in trouble since Ka Yun's cooking was truly hard to eat, but I watched her improved. She is someone like that, she has to do everything wholeheartedly. Now she is learning to be a house wife."

Sister Pan said that Yuen Kim Fai is working in Shanghai but he will return to Canada to keep his wife company; she said that Lam Ka Yun was a good girl, now she has a happy family she hoped that everyone would congratulate her.

Simon Yam Tat Wa years ago worked on MOB SISTER (AH SOH) with Lam Ka Yun. Although they did not have too many scenes together, Wa Jai was happy for Ka Yun and stated that he had to give her a gift. Wa Jai said, "Originally I planned to give a camera to (Sandra Ng) Kwan Yu, but Kwan Yu denied that she was pregnant. Now I can take it back and give it to Lam Ka Yun first so she can capture the child's growth."

Brother Wa looked thinner and had a goatee. He explained, "It is for Mr. Kam (Kwok Leung)'s film at the end of the month, lately everyday I ran as soon as I had time, so far I have already lost 4 pounds."

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