Friday, September 24, 2010


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Shu Qi rose to fame with category III films, which people often bring up still. She did not mind at all. She said that without the experience she would not be where she is today. Since it was experience, she would not deny her past but would gladly accept it. At the time she started to work on pictorial collections for money. When people said that she was very pretty, she naturally was convinced.

Shu Qi has been called the most successful category III star conversion. She said that her mentality did not change because from the start she never thought about being a successful actor. Her category III film VIVA LA EROTICA (SIK CHING NAM NUI) with Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing also had a lot of potential, a chance that she appreciated.

Lau Wai Keung once said that Shu Qi was the only one who could be a flower vase to the point of a top star and be attractive to both men and women. Her beauty and sexiness often made people overlook her acting. She did not mind. From the start she did not know how to act. She was very fortunate to have many chances to continuously accumulate her experience.

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