Sunday, September 19, 2010


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Jessica C. yesterday attended an event and revealed earlier she worked with Chrissie Chau Sau Na on the film BEACH SPIKE (YIT LONG KAU OI JIN). Everyday she practiced beach volleyball and kickboxing for nearly 12 hours, which she felt was a lot of fun. One of her co-stars
Theresa Fu Wing lost her voice, which she knew about. During the shoot she greeted her but when she did not respond she realize that she lost her voice. She hoped that she would recover soon. She said, "I like to talk, if I lost my voice, I think I would be unhappy." Jessica C. also denied that she and Fu Wing were at odds. Because sometimes friends do not go out constantly, that did not represent that they were not good friends. She said, "I have always liked to care about others. I know Theresa cares about me a lot too. I respect her a lot. Although we play rivals in the film, off camera we are friends."

Jessica C. Revealed that she will head to Hollywood for a film audition. She honestly said that she never though she would have a chance for an audition and she felt very excited. She said the role was very demanding physically. If she landed it she would have to exercise to stay in shape. Speaking of the rumored "sacrifices" that Hollywood stars had to make to be elevated, Jessica C. honestly was worried about she would not use this way to gain performance opportunity. Even if she was successful she would not be comfortable inside. She would rather work harder. She said, "It's like driving a car, short cuts would turn into wrong roads. I would say it wouldn't be good." Speaking of Maggie Q's jump from modeling to Hollywood, Jessica C. expressed that she admired her a lot. She was a very tough girl. Did she want to become a second Maggie Q? She honestly said that she did not want to follow another's shadow. She loved being herself.

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