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Zhou Xun starred in SEI YEH KEI TAM ji JI GAP DOH YUN MOR (FOUR NIGHT STRANGLE TALES: NAIL CLIPPER HUMAN MONSTER). Despite being absolutely from the acting school, she as usual did not relax. Before places she not only kept reading the script but also talked with the director many times. She occasionally would yawn a few times and her assistant would immediately hand her coffee. Although this short film took place in the modern times so Zhou Xun's costume was not as complicated as in a costume film, the time spent on make up took several hours.

Zhou Xun stated that since watching Pang Ho Cheung's first film YOU SHOOT I SHOOT (MAI HUNG PAK YUN) she liked his films very much. The romantic elements of his films would always move him. Zhou Xun said, "Even AV had a eye catching love story. When I received the script for JI, my first impression is the world is such a mess that I should leave some sunshine for others and myself." She described the film story as very special, with romance and suspense. She felt as mysterious as the women in Quentin Tarantino films.

Producer Pang Ho Cheung said that he completely followed his smart imagination to describe "Lee Hoi Yi" (the film's female lead). "Because she is mischievous, smart but also kind hearted, as soon as I saw Zhou Xun I thought she was the epitome of Lee Hoi Yi." As the producer, Pang Ho Cheung even visited the set late at night. However he and Zhou Xun did not talk long, they seemed to have become very familiar already.

Pang Ho Cheung after working with Shawn Yue Man Lok on LOVE ON A PUFF (JI MING YU CHUN GIU) planned to work together on the second short film GEIN FUN DAI JOK JIN (WEDDING WAR), which will soon start production. In it Yue Man Lok would play a rock singer.

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