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Hugh Jackman, Li Bingbing
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The Wayne Wang directed film SNOW FLOWER AND SECRET FAN starred Li Bingbing, Gianna Jun Ji-Hyun, Hugh Jackman, and Vivian Wu.

Li Bingbing in the film had 10 costumes from the age of 17 to the forties. Yesterday photos of the modern scenes were released. Li Bingbing and Jun Ji-Hyun danced at a bar. Their hair was a mess as they gazed intently at each other. The first collaboration between the Chinese and the Korean star actually set off many sparks, but also seemingly confirmed rumors that this film was a "homosexual" film. Wayne Wang however denied and said, "The film and the original had no homosexual content at all. They are only sworn sisters."

The film was based on writer Lisa See's English novel of the same name. It was two emotional stories about two women at the end of the Qing Dynasty and in modern times. This was a fully Chinese film but with a Hollywood team. Li Bingbing once joked, "Everyone I see on the team was foreign. After the shoot, my English was much better than before. Because I had to communicate with the team, everyday I ignored whether the grammar was correct or not and spoke from the beginning to the end. After speaking it everyday, I started to change my lines. This bonus was great!"

In the film, Li Bingbing and Jun Ji-Hyun both played two characters, their modern "selves" their end of Qing Dynasty "grandmother's grandmother". The film's costume parts were shot in Hengdian, while the modern part was shot in Shanghai and other locations.

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