Sunday, September 12, 2010


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Models Jessica C and Chrissie Chau Sau Na recently worked on their new film BEACH SPIKE (YIT LONG KAU OI JIN). Earlier Chau Sau Na and co-star Theresa Fu Wing reportedly teamed up to isolate Jessica C. Luckily Jessica C. has been working very hard on the new film and won the director's compliment. He added a fight scene for Jessica C. Earlier Jessica C. went to Yeung Pan Pan's company to train. She stretched out without any complaint. However, when the coach applied pressure to help with her stretches, she immediately gave painful looks as she grinded her teeth and toughed it out.

After warming up, Jessica C. put on gloves immediately and kept punching at the coach's direction. The coach also threw a punch at her to teach her how to dodge an attack. Later, Yeung Pan Pan personally showed her how to kick. Luckily Jessica C. had decent balance, otherwise
she would have fallen over. The always cautious Yeung Pan Pan praised her decent performance. In a short training she has already learned enough for her new film. When she saw the visiting director Tang Tung Ming, Jessica C. suddenly "displayed" what she learned and made the director duck.

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