Sunday, September 12, 2010


Over 20 Japanese fans brought 2588 origami cranes

Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's former manager Chan Suk Fun
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Chan Suk Fun pays her respect as usual

Fans brought his favorite chocolate cake

A group of fans held a birthday celebration
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September 12 was the late superstar Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's 54th birthday. Every year his birthday or the anniversary of his death, fans would pay their respects and hold memorial events without fail in remembrance of this superstar. Gor Gor's manager Chan Suk Fun every year would pay her respect as usual. Yesterday morning Mrs. Chan brought her son Ka Ho and around 20 loyal Japanese fans to pay their respect. The Japanese fan folded 2588 cranes, because 25 sounded like smile and 88 meant forever. They represented Gor Gor's smile would forever be in his fans' hearts. Fans also wrote letters to Gor Gor. Then Japanese fans followed Chinese tradition and burnt offering to Gor Gor.

Mrs. Chan yesterday brought 9 types of fruit that Gor Gor loved, his favorite birthday cake and roses. Mrs. Chan brought these items along with Lydia Shum Din H and Roman Law Man's favorite appetizers and desserts and placed them on the table. She said, in recent years Gor
Gor's fans went from Gor Gor's former home at Central to Po Fook Hill to pay their respects. The most touching part for her was the Japanese fans still met once a month to share Gor Gor's music and movies. In addition, yesterday fans went to Gor Gor's former home and placed fresh
flowers there. At night, Hong Kong fans also held a memorial event.

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