Monday, September 20, 2010


Shu Qi, Donnie Yen Chi Tan

Norika Fujiwara
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Shu Qi, Donnie Yen
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Norika Fujiwara

Shu Qi

Cissy Wang and husband Donnie Yen Chi Tan
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The film LEGEND OF THE FIST THE RETURN OF CHEN ZHEN (JING MO FUNG WON CHEN ZHEN) yesterday held a premiere. Aside from actor Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Shu Qi, Anthony Wong Chau Sun, and director Andrew Lau Wai Keung, special guest Norika Fujiwara attended.

Due to the recently intense anti-Japanese sentiment in the Mainland and the film's background was the War Against Japanese Aggression, Norika was rather interested in this film and thus asked to attend. Reportedly, Norika came to Hong Kong to shoot a movie. Originally the shoot was completed two days ago. When she knew about LEGEND OF THE FIST THE RETURN OF CHEN ZHEN premiere she stayed to support it.

Shu Qi and Yen Chi Tan expressed that they did not know about Norika's attendance. Yen Chi Tan joked, "Maybe Norika learned that I would show my rear in the film, so she came to watch my 'August 15' (full moon)." Shu Qi played a Japanese character. She said, "Hopefully Norika
wouldn't detect how poor my Japanese was. I already practiced very hard. Actually, some Japanese fans thought my Japanese song performance was very accurate, better than with my Japanese dialogue." Shu Qi stated that after the shoot, director Lau Wai Keung asked her to provide voice work. Yen Chi Tan joked, "Did you ask the line, 'That island is ours'?" When asked whether he was referring to Diaoyutai, Yen Chi Tan avoided the political subject and joked, "I was referring to Lamma Island. Artists and historical problems are better off remaining separate." Shu Qi stated that she was worried about playing a Japanese and stressed that she was bleeding Chinese blood.

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