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Karena Lam Ka Yun began her film career with Jacky Cheung Hok Yau in JULY RHAPSODY (NAM YUN SEI SUP)
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Film industry sweetheart Karena Lam Ka Yun has had many rumors since joining the business. Earlier she was suddenly rumored to have fallen for married ad director Steve Yuen Kim Wai. They apparently met through her former boyfriend Chan Kwong Wing in 2008. After a two
year long secret relationship his wife was rather upset. Lam Ka Yun after a public event on March 18 suddenly vanished. Once she was rumored to be retiring from show business. Later witnesses claimed to have seen Ka Yun in a Toronto hospital for a scheduled prenatal check up.

Yesterday Yuen Kim Wai finally stood up and spoke to Oriental Daily. He personally analyzed his relationship with Ka Yun, confirmed that they were married this year in Canada and she was indeed with child in Canada. Yuen Kim Wai insisted that Ka Yun was not the third party, and they began after his divorce.

Y: Yuen Kim Wai
R: Reporter

Y: I feel I have to explain something. Actually I feel the reports are wrong, in particular about my ex wife. I have already been divorced for awhile. My ex wife's personality is very peaceful, she absolutely isn't like the magazines described. That is what I want to say the most because
the reports have been very unfair to her. They simply aren't true. Lam Ka Yun is not the third party either. She and I are already married, everything is step by step. Ka Yun and I happened under ordinary circumstances. I started dating Ka Yun after my divorce.

R: Reportedly Ka Yun moved into your building to pursue you and told your ex wife not to mention Ka Yun to reporters?

Y: No such thing happened! It's so exaggerated. Ka Yun and I are very low key. We never thought about hiding anything, we just wanted to be low profile because we have a joyous event at home.

R: What did you wed?

Y: This year, we had a ceremony in Canada. It wasn't a big deal, only dinner with family and close friends. No industry insiders participated.

R: Will Ka Yun return after giving birth?

Y: That depends on her.

R: Don't you want Ka Yun to raise the baby?

Y: Of course I would like her to!

R: Boy or girl?

Y: I don't know.

R: Afraid that the baby may be petty?

Y: I don't know anything about that.

R: Do you like boy or girl?

Y: Haha, don't "chok" me.

R: Expectant in November?

Y: I don't want to say too much.

R: Will it be in Canada?

Y: Yes!

R: Why aren't you in Canada with Ka Yun?

Y: I have a lot to do in Hong Kong, her family has many people who are taking care of her.

R: Are Lam Ka Yun and the child in good condition?

Y: Great! Thank you for your concern.

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