Tuesday, September 28, 2010


courtesy of on.cc

William Chan Wai Ting in his new film CHOOK GWAI DIK NUI YUN (OFF THE RAIL WOMEN) played a gigolo who traversed between Pat Ha Man Jik, Carrie Ng Ka Lai and Michelle Ye (Yip Shuen). In the film he would have many love scenes. To display his "abilities", William not only got himself into shape but earlier went to Soho, Central to select clothing.

William in the store stated that he was looking for clothing and accessories that displayed masculine sexiness. He immediately received passionate treatment from the boss lady. To coordinate with his "gigolo look", William after putting on the accessories and made a variety of
tempting poses under the order of the boss lady. The more he tried on the happier he got as he became interested in the store's decorations and artwork. He and the boss lady got along so famously that they went to have tea at a coffee shop together. Did William feel gratified that he
successfully attracted a sexy boss lady's attentive treatment? He laughed and said, "That boss lady is my pretty older sister. Our relationship is great. She knew that I would play a gigolo in my new movie and told me to see if she had any clothes that fit."

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