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In the video Roy Cheung admits bringing the marijuana from Hong Kong to Beijing
Roy Cheung is very surprised to see the police raid while watching the World Cup
Roy Cheung tells the police that his girlfriend is on the sofa
Roy Cheung plays calm and accepts the police's questioning
The police officer catches Roy Cheung's right hand, open up the match box that he is hiding in his palm and discovers marijuana hidden inside.

Roy Cheung claims to have arrived in Beijing on June 29th
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Roy Cheung Yiu Yeung was arrested for suspicion of drug use on July 2nd in Beijing. He remained in a holding cell. The 20th will be his 51st birthday, and he may have to spend it at the holding facility. Yesterday Beijing Television showed the Cheung Yiu Yeung arrest footage, a video that was about 3 minutes long. In the video Cheung Yiu Yeung not only admitted to bringing marijuana to Beijing but also hiding it in a match box. A woman also appeared in the video. With his sexual orientation under question, he said that she was his girlfriend.

In the video, Cheung Yiu Yeung wore a bathrobe and his face was not censored. However the woman in the hotel room was. At the time he was enjoying the World Cup match. When the police appeared in a surprise raid, he looked unnatural. The police asked if the woman in his room was his girlfriend, he answered, "Yes!" He said to the police that he came to Beijing on June 29th. The police asked him if he saw anyone else during this period. He said that it was his girlfriend's birthday and he attended a birthday gathering. During the conversation, he hid a match box in his hand. After discovering it the police asked him what he had in his hand. He said, "Matches!" The police immediately opened the match up and asked me what was in it. He honestly said, "Marijuana, I brought it over from Hong Kong......" Then the police took both of them away.

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