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Eason Chan complains on Taiwan radio and states that he will take a break from music in two years
Eason Chan's Cantonese album THE KEY only sold 9 million copies in Taiwan
Manager Chan Ka Ying posts an explanation of Eason's comments
Chan Ka Ying jokes, "I am not retired yet, he is so young why would you retire?"
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Eason Chan wants to travel the world and celebrate his birthday with his wife next year
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Eason Chan Yik Shun in recent years has become one of the top Asian singers, as his concerts continue to sell out; actually he already has plans to take a break from music in two years. Earlier on a Taiwan program he said that on his current record company contract he still had two albums, after that he has decided to rest and not make any more albums. Then he reiterated that he actually did not want to work.

Eason admitted that in recent years he had concert tours and album recordings, movies and commercial shoots, he truly was tired. He hoped to be able to take half a year off. He said, "I need new experience. This world is too big. I have to take a look." Earlier when he promoted his RICE AND SHINE record in Taiwan, he discovered that one of his records THE KEY only sold 900 copies and was drastically impacted. He joked that he only learned about how much trouble he was in now, it was truly too brutal. Actually earlier on another program he revealed that he was tired of singing his classic songs like KING OF K SONGS and NEXT YEAR TODAY, but the audience still liked them. If he did not sing them the box office would perform poorly. Eason's manager Chan Ka Ying said that Eason was just talking. "Maybe he meant that two years later he would think about slowing down a little." He was not retiring. She even pointed out that "the jobs that are taken now will still be done."

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