Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Sammi Cheng and Nick Cheung clear the set to focus on their bed scene
Sammi Cheng and Nick Cheung's intense kiss stuns Jiang Wu
courtesy of mingpao.com

Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Sammi Cheng Sau Na in their new film TEMPORARY FAMILY (SUT LUEN GUP YEUNG) worked together for the first time. Earlier a mystery screening took place. Their crying scene in a car left a deep impression, because in recent years Ka Fai has not been seen crying so hard in a film. During the shoot the director even ordered the crew to stay away from them to avoid affecting their emotions.

Ka Fai described this crying scene as the one that he cried the hardest in recent years. Recalling the shoot he said, "I truly had a breath of cold air because the shoot took place on the coldest day in winter. During the shoot we couldn't turn on the heater. The director wanted us to remember some heartbreaking and difficult days. The more we thought the more pitiful we became; I really have not cried like that in a long, long time, I really got a headache from crying." Sammi also felt that this scene was fun to perform. She said, "This collaboration with Ka Fai truly had joy, laughter, tears, it actually was emotionally unstable. Sometimes we laughed until we cried, sometimes the tragedy made us sob. For this scene in the car I had to lose control on my emotions, in the end I thought of many, many heartbreaking memories and cried until I collapsed. After the shoot I felt like I fought to victory. Even Ka Fai gave me five out of satisfaction." Aside from this car scene, Ka Fai and Sammi also had several scenes that they wanted to clear the set for so they could perform more naturally. They included a bed scene, but it was not the bed scene that everyone would imagine. It was a hilarious and loving bed scene.

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