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Checkley Sin yesterday held a press conference to discuss the contract issue
Checkley Sin and Dennis To's master disciple relationship ended two years ago
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Martial art actor Dennis To Yu-Hang was rumored to have filed a lawsuit against his management company National Arts for owed salary in order to seek a contract termination. Two days ago however he published an apology in the newspaper. Aside from extremely regretting the "pursuit" for his salary he also denied that National Arts turned down jobs without his permission. He even immediately ceased all lawsuit against National Arts and was willing to compensate for any damage the matter has caused National Arts.

Yesterday National Arts' chief Checkley Sin Kwok Lam held a press conference at the company. He denied deducing To Yu Hang's salary and turning down jobs for him, then he had to make the clarification. He even revealed that To Yu Hang after advice from a friend has stopped himself in time. He also made a 7 figure compensation to National Arts thus he would not "counter sue". He said, "Actually if he wanted to terminate the contract, with reasonable conditions all he has to do is ask. He doesn't need to be like this. I believe that others have misguided him."

As for turning down jobs, Sin Kwok Lam pointed out that To Yu Hang was the one who turned them down and said that he has veered "off course" in the past two years. He said that National Arts is a publicly traded company, normally contract termination would require compensation. Yet since the matter have developed to this point, he just let him go. How many years did To Yu Hang have left on the contract? He said, "Five more years, it was five and another five. Now (Rose) Chan Ka Wun and Chow Ting Yu are still with the company. (Would you and To Yu Hang have nothing to say to each other?) Two years ago we already had nothing to say to each other, it is important for people to remember where they come from, to improve themselves, to learn to sing, dance and act. Everything they learn would be theirs." He also said that the company has always prepared roles for To Yu Hang in its film productions. If he did not suggest a contract termination, the company would have given up on him.

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