Sunday, July 13, 2014


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After Oxide Pang Shun's "cheating scandal" was exposed, he immediately rushed to Singapore to apologize to his wife Angelica Lee Sinjie then to Beijing for work. After awhile away from the public Lee Sinjie appeared in Taipei last month for voice work on the Sylvia Chang (Cheung Ngai Ga) directed film LIM LIM. Obviously still unable to let go, she earlier even went to meditate, as she revealed online that she would be doing so for seven days. Actually Sinjie has already prepared to return to Hong Kong. Yesterday she said online that she would return to Hong Kong on the 19th for the Edward Lam Yik Wa written and directed ART SCHOOL MUSICAL (LEUNG JOOK DIK GAI SING JEH MOON). "I have already bought tickets for the 19th, I am very much looking forward to it!" This will also be her first appearance in Hong Kong since the Pang Shun affair, conceivably she will become the media target then.

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