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Neither Lee Sinjie nor Oxide Pang wear a wedding ring
Oxide Pang
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Angelica Lee Sinjie's director husband Oxide Pang Shun earlier cheated with pseudo model Liddy Li and shocked the entire city. However, Sinjie chose to forgive her husband after ward. Earlier, she secretly returned to Hong Kong for a new HKTV series. Two nights ago she was even caught on a shopping trip with Pang Shun in Tsim Sha Tsui. Yesterday around 10AM, Sinjie arrived at HKTV for a costume fitting. Several dozen waiting reporters immediately rushed her vehicle for photos. Sinjie did not answer any question and only smiled in return.

In a white top and jeans Sinjie appeared without makeup. with sunglasses on she appeared nervously inside the vehicle, often biting her lips, finger, touching her ears, grasping her hands tightly. Her wedding ring was removed.

After several minutes, Sinjie gradually left the vehicle with her assistant. She was asked if she has already forgiven Pang Shun and would not have divorce and whether her lyrics for Valen Hsu (Hui Yu Wan)'s new song hinted divorce, Sinjie only smiled and said, "Sorry." Then she went directly in the elevator. The media also filed in. Finally she stood in the corner for the media to take photos. Reporters asked about her mood? She still smiled but did not answer. Then she took the elevator upstairs for her costume fitting.

When Sinjie was busy with her costume fitting, her husband Pang Shun around 5PM went to a Mongkok mobile phone accessory store, sat outside the store, chatted with the clerk and played with his phone. He like Sinjie did not wear a wedding ring. When he left reporters approached him with questions but he did not answer. The media coverage attracted the stars of pedestrians, which upset Pang Shun. After he reached the streets he took a taxi to return to his hotel. Sinjie after the costume fitting left through a secret exit and return to the hotel.

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