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The Barbara Wong Chun Chun directed, Shawn Yue Man Lok, Ivy Chen and Fiona Sit Hoi Kei starred film GIRLS will soon open. Yue Man Lok earlier promoted at Central with Wong Chun Chun. Lok Jai revealed that in the film he played a nice guy. Although he did not say much, he was very attentive and sweet. He even claimed that in real life he was also a nice guy!

With scenes with Ivy Chen only in the film, Lok Jai said that they first met at a karaoke box. In the story they did not know each other, but Ivy Chen went to the wrong room and mistook him for someone. "With other people, they would have left. I played with her all night." He continued that in the film he would buy a variety of breakfast for Ivy Chen to choose and do a lot of attentive things. Would he be just as romantic in real life? Lok Jai admitted, "Once I deliberately flew to New York to have breakfast with my girlfriend. Then I flew away. It probably was very surprising. If even that had no surprise then I would be in trouble. However when I got there I was afraid to see her with someone else. Luckily she wasn't." Has she run into any girlfriend who asked about his family in real life? Lok Jai joked that if he did not ask her back he would be fine. If he truly run into that he would pretend to be poor and ask her for money and see if she would still date him. However he has never run into that. "Gold diggers please move on to the next one, being too materialistic is not likable. (Has a girlfriend check your worth?) She couldn't find anything! Because even I don't know. All the finances are under Mommy's care, but my past girlfriends truly were very friendly with Mommy! Haha!" He also said that Ivy during the shoot was a little nervous with her because they only knew each other for 2 or 3 days before having to work together. However the director before the shoot took them to dinner for them to get familiar with each other. In the film he and Ivy also had hugging and kissing scenes.

In addition, Lok Jai said that working on Ringo Lam Lan Tung's new film was very difficult. In comparison he loved to make romantic films because he was a natural born romantic. He disliked playing violent characters. He even said that he would consider romantic films first.

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