Wednesday, July 23, 2014


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The Nick Cheung Ka Fai directed and starred HUNGRY GHOST RITUALS (YU LAN SUN GUNG) after less than two weeks in release accumulated HK$10,191,113 at the box office, successfully broke the 10 million mark and many ghost film box office records. With Macau, its box office reached HK$11,183,891. As the director Ka Fai was very excited and thanked Hong Kong viewers for supporting domestic creativity.

Ka Fai recalled last year when he shot a night scene in which a female ghost in red appeared in a building, a group of students happened to pass by. Suddenly he pointed at the building and yelled, "Behind you!" The students saw a female ghost in red in mid air, screamed and ran. Ka Fai said, "This sudden scare is exactly the feeling that I want! Now I have pulled it off! This first filmmaking experience that received everyone's support was truly very encouraging. I hope next time will be even better." HUNGRY GHOST RITUALS not only received Hong Kong and Macau audience's enthusiastic support. Earlier an advanced screening was held, not only viewers showed their support with facial masks but also film critics praised the cast for their outstanding performance.

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