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Choi Wing Cheong is described as a quiet giant
A screen keeps the media out of the hall
Stanley Kwan and Andrew Lau remember Choi Wing Cheong
Wong Jing sees Choi Wing Cheong as a mentor
Johnny Mak looks solemn
Michael Hui says Choi Wing Cheong loved film very much
Mabel Cheung, Alex Law, Claudie Chung
Gigi Lai's husband Ma Ting Keung
Choi Wing Cheong supported the production of COMRADES ALMOST A LOVE STORY
ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA is a classic Golden Harvest film series
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Choi Wing Cheong, Jackie Chan
Wong Jing
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One of the Golden Harvest three giants Choi Wing Cheong, originally named Choi Duk Sun, choked during a meal on June 25th and passed away the next day at the age of 77. His family yesterday began his funeral services at the Universal Funeral Home, with the funeral starting at 11AM this morning. The ceremony was Buddhist. The family followed Choi Wing Cheong's low key manner in life and blocked the entrance with screens.

Choi Wing Cheong's hall was decorated simply in all white. Two couplets hang before the hall, "Sharp eye for heroes and talent for 50 years, sharp operation of film art to explore a new world" and "Kindness protects the ceremonial hall, thousands of fates let go without a care gold tower leads to the lotus pool". Next to the hall words from Coi Wing Cheong's daughter Sum Wai and Ming Wai were hung. Monks were chanting as well. By the evening, many industry insiders gradually arrived to pay their respect. Many were directors. They included Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lau Wai Keung, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Law Kai Yui, Clifton Ko Chi Sum, Johnny Mak Tong Hung, Michael Mak Tong Kit, Wong Jing, Michael Hui Koon Man, Hung Cho Sing, Claudie Chung Chun, Bobby Auyeung Chun Wa and his wife Fu Kit Han, Gigi Lai Chi and her husband Ma Ting Keung.

Hui Koon Man stayed until around 8:30PM and left. With a face full of sorrow he said that he and Mr. Choi have been friends for several decades. He was the closest among his buddies. Thus personally yesterday was a very sad day. It was also a tremendous loss to the Hong Kong film industry. Hui Koon Man said that Mr. Choi has been working in the film industry as early as the start of the Bruce Lee era. Humbly and low key, he was the quietest among the three Golden Harvest giants. Now with his passing he would truly miss him. He also lamented, "We often drank together, but recent year or two he has not been well so we saw each other less. In addition he passed so suddenly, he went very fast! However everyone has to go, the most important is to go comfortably. (Did he have any last wish?) He has always wanted to keep on making good movies because he loved movies. Such thinking is exactly what the film industry needs."

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