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Both Chrissie Chau and Ekin Cheng say they are numb from the cold water
Chrissie Chau's legs get roasted
Ekin Cheng shows off his muscles
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Chrissie Chau
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Chrissie Chau Sau Na two days ago attended the film BREAK UP 100 (FUN SAU 100 CHI) screening in Guangzhou with director Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui and Guangdong famous talker He Haopeng. Then she went to promote at a shopping center. Two fans were selected to share their break up experience on the stage. Sister Na played love consultant and resolve their love problems, then they put their "break up leftover items" on the "Break Up Mini Storage". A male fan drew a cartoon of her and Ekin's film image on the spot at Sister Na's request and completed it in less than a hour. Sister Na could not praise him enough.

Sister Na and Ekin in the film gave their first bathing scene on the big screen. Ekin was lucky to be able to hold Chau Sau Na in the bubble bath, much to the envy and the jealousy of others. Yet only they knew their pain as they soaked in cold water on a cold day. They performed professionally and did not complain. While waiting, they put on bathrobes and traded jabs and jokes to stay heat. Sister Na joked that Ekin looked like he was waiting for a foot massage. Ekin joked, "This film should be called 'Bathing 100'. I have never taken so many baths in the same film in my career. Aside from a solo shower and the bath, I also tried to bathe in my clothes. With this bubble bath with Sister Na, I finally don't have to bathe alone. It's not as dull with someone." Ekin stated that he did not need to warn his wife Yoyo Mung Ka Wai. Sister Na said that she did not understand why every time she made a scene in the water it had to be on the coldest day.

In another Ekin and Chau Sau Na bathing scene, after they argued Ekin rushed to the hotel and ran into the shower while she was taking a bath. When the crew turned on hot water in the shower for steam to fill the bathroom and add romance to the scene, she tolerated the hot water. When the director yelled cut, everyone realized that her legs have already become "roasted pig legs". Everyone immediately looked for lotion for her and asked her assistant to give her a massage to lower her temperature and care for her skin. The team was very nervous, but Sister Na insisted on continuing the shoot. Sister Na complained that because Ekin caused her to have bad takes, she had to boil her feet so many times. Ekin immediately took the blame and admitted that he took the wrong mark. Sister Na explained for him, "Actually I was the idiot! I thought that turning the water on to its hottest would create a lot of steam, but it didn't work! I saw the team using every trick to create some steam. I was afraid that that as soon as I turned on the cold water the steam would be gone. In the end I turned the water hotter and hotter."

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