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Jeana Ho gives her all to play the third party
Jeana Ho gains 16 pounds on her own for her new film
Jeana Ho says that the all women cast could not be friendlier
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Film star Jeana Ho Pui Yu just finished the film SPECIAL FEMALE FORCE (LAT GAING BA WONG FA) in Malaysia and jumped into another new film SIU JEH YAU SUM as soon as she returned to Hong Kong. In the film Jeana, Philip Keung Ho Man and Jacquelin Chong Si Man performed a "triangle mistake". Playing the third party, she gave her all and sent the wife Chong Si Man retreating. "The director told me that I had to perform like a tiger; very ambitious, flashing teeth and claws at Brother Black, it was quite a test of my acting ability. (Have you been in a love triangle in real life?) An ex ran into the previous girlfriend, she kept calling and texting him. Although in the end we didn't break up over this, at the time I really was unhappy. As a Buddhist, I would first think of others and wouldn't do anything to harm them."

While shooting in Malaysia, Jeana performed "physical labor" under the blazing sun everyday. No wonder she thought it was the "most difficult time in her career". "The team even applied to shoot on location at the national defense department military camp, but with time restrictions. That day we started working early in the morning, everyday we worked for over ten hours. Later even the producer's heart ached for us and took the initiative to give us a day off." This time working with an all woman cast was curiously pleasant. Jeana said that Eliza Sam Lai Heung, Joyce Cheng Yun Yi and others became her friends. As for a magazine claim that they were at odds, she said, "We couldn't be happier, Joyce even cheered everyone up. The rumor was very strange."

To get into character, she gained 16 pounds on her own. However she had to lose weight for SIU JEH YAU SUM and she had health problems. She even missed her period.

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