Thursday, July 24, 2014


Karena Ng and Alex Lam
Jeremy Xu trains hard with blade and staff
Janelle Sing is over ten feet in the air without any sign of fear
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Mainland hunk Jeremy Xu (Tsui Ching Hei), Karena Ng Chin Yu, Janelle Sing Kwan and Alex Lam Tak Shun yesterday appeared in kung fu costumes in Tai Po to shoot the film CHING CHUN DAU (YOUTH BATTLE)'s martial art competition scene. Ching Hei and Sing Kwan were hung on wires to over ten feet. They had to wield blades in the air and looked the part. Ching Hei was out of breath and sweaty, while Sing Kwan during a duel even bent the blade!

Ching Hei revealed that he has been training hard with blade and staff for the new film. He even revealed that he will work without makeup. "Because the heat would melt the makeup, I might as well just concentrate on my eyes and action!" Will he take more time to be with his girlfriend Niki Chow Lai Ki while working in Hong Kong? Ching Hei made a rare compliment of his girlfriend as "great". "Boyfriend and girlfriend have to constantly see each other, otherwise the relationship would become distant. (Do you welcome your girlfriend to visit the set?) Come! Bring some water to service everyone. (Are you telling your girlfriend to be a servant?) No, I just bought it and moved it to the car, she could bring it over with her. (Taking care of your girlfriend?) Of course! (Is the relationship stable?) She is very great! (She talks about you sweetly.) Seeing her like that you know she is great!"

Ng Chin Yu also revealed that boyfriend Raymond Lam Fung visited the set. "Once or twice. (Did you ask him to come?) He took the initiative and bought snacks for everyone. (Special treatment for you?) All he has to do is keep me fed!" Sing Kwan revealed that for the new film she trained with blades for over ten hours, which was like getting into shape for her. With his bowl cut and four eyed look Lam Tak Shun claimed to be cute. He also joked that on the set the younger Chin Yu often picked on him.

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