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Chrissie Chau is determined so she does not keep anything of her ex around
Lawrence is not too interested in neither Ivana Wong or Chrissie Chau's coffee
Lawrence Cheng cheers on Chrissie Chau and Ivana Wong as they make coffee
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Director Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui led actors Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Ivana Wong Yuen Chi and C AllStar yesterday promoted their new film BREAK UP 100 (FUN SAU 100 CHI) in Tuen Mun. Lead actor Dior Cheng Yi Kin remained nowhere to be found. They formed two teams to personally make specialty coffee, but Ivana went her own way and put a scoop of ice cream into the coffee. Brother Tan criticized it as troublesome and ugly, which upset her very much.

Later Ivana joked that Brother Tan was friendly but stern with her. On her first day on the set, Brother Tan yelled at her instead of saying good morning to her. He said that she was truly useless for being afraid to face the camera. Yet Brother Tan still asked her to work on the film. She chuckled. "That proves that I am better than others at something. I really have to ask him why he still asked me. I hope that he has no regret." Speaking of the specialty coffee that she just made, she again explained that when the ice cream melted the two would become one. When asked when she and her boyfriend would be that way as well, she said, "Half and half, if there is any bitter taste just add sugar. (How do you add it?) For now I haven't had any bitter taste yet."

Sister Na joked that because she loved Ekin too much, she gave him so much pressure that he was avoiding her. Actually Ekin already appeared at the Beijing premiere. She believed that only he was too busy with other things. She even urged, "Your girlfriend tell you to quickly appear, otherwise I have to put some things into the 'mini break up storage'." She said that she was very touched to hear people sharing their break up experience, but she has always been very determined. She would throw out all "left over" items. Only the box that she mentioned earlier remained. She explained that it had letters that she truly was reluctant to part with. She also had something that she kept to serve as a warning. She said, "It was a tube of lipstick. A long time ago that 'boyfriend' complimented me on my pretty lips, which were suitable for this lipstick. Finally I discovered on the bill that he actually bought two tubes. At that time I lost all trust. I didn't want to believe that I was the only one, so I didn't get an understanding or believe."

Sister Na said that now she would get to know the person first before starting. Has someone like that appeared? She laughed and said, "I haven't even gotten to know Ekin, I am still digesting that story." Speaking of the World Cup, she revealed that she would watch it with friends. She even said that she hoped to be pleasantly surprised. If her friends knew that she has been constantly "breaking up" lately it would be great for them to bring guys for her to meet.

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