Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Professor Cao Chang'en concentrates on bringing back the brilliance of Sister Mui
The statue is based on Anita Mui's 2002 concert poster
The statue is already on the Avenue of Stars, boarded up until the unveiling
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The late Heavenly Queen Anita Mui Yim Fong has already passed for over ten years. Her bronze statue will finally be unveiled tomorrow. She will be the second Hong Kong artist to be honored with a statue on the Tsim Sha Tsui Avenue of Stars after the late martial art superstar Bruce Lee.

Although the Observatory pointed out that a typhoon might be close to Hong Kong within days, but the "Mui fans" deeply believed in Sister Mui's blessing. "Tomorrow will definitely have good weather". Even if a storm appeared, it would coordinate with Sister Mui's hit SEASON OF WIND. The fan club estimated around 300 Mui fans will attend tomorrow's unveiling. They would sing GRATITUDE for their idol.

Sister Mui's bronze statue actually has already "arrived" at the Avenue of Stars earlier, but in order to keep it under wraps the statue was boarded up to avoid any leak. The statue would be based on Sister Mui's 2002 concert tour poster. Sister Mui would be in motion in a long dress in a vividly appearance. At the same time, the fan club also published a book for Sister Mui for the Book Fair, THE LAST MANJUSAKA: ANITA MUI'S PERFORMANCE LIFE.

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