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Gao Yuanyuan only loves her husband Mark Chao in real life
Nicholas Tse and Gao Yuanyuan have great chemistry and frequent interaction
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The film BUT ALWAYS (YUT SUN YUT SAI) will open on September 5. The film yesterday held a "Romantic Qixi" press conference in Beijing. Director Zou XIan attended with leads Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Gao Yuanyuan. The press conference was decorated like the Beijing location where the leads fell in love. Ting Fung and Yunayuan brought back the "Beijing style hook up" as they rode a bicycle together.

Wishing lovers a Happily Ever After on the eve of Qixi, Ting Fung humorously said that speaking of a lifetime, Yuanyuan should be more convincing than him. "After all that has happened over the years, my understanding of love from when I was younger to now is already different. When I was young I feel I have to have it, now I feel OK with blessing it from afar." He also gave a special blessing to the newlywed Yuanyuan. "A lifetime just started, so do the difficulties."

In addition, Ting Fung put in quite an effort in Beijing as he lost weight like mad within 20 days to reach his ideal condition. His "six pack abdominal muscles" have already been unveiled earlier, thus he has been called "Tse Wet Chest" online.

To coordinate with the upcoming Qixi, the leads even gave away a giant size card to send their well wishes in advance. When asked how they would spend Qixi, Yuanyuan said that she has already prepared a gift and would give a surprise then. Ting Fung said, "Valentine's Day may not be spent together. I used to think that only being able to embrace is for a lifetime. As I get older, silent blessing from the heart is enough."

Director Zou Xian revealed that Ting Fung before showing off in the laboratory did all the preparation. Gao Yuanyuan however bashfully said that she did not dare to look at the time. She said that when she shot this scene, they were very nervous and needed red wine and some music to relax a little.

In the film, Gao Yuanyuan looked like she went to the 80s student look. She said that she was the most interesting in the drawers of her older brother at the university. She in particular liked that white shirt era and wanted to return to that beautiful period.

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