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Donnie Yen and his wife Cissy, parents and parents in law
Mr. and Mrs. Yen with Malden Mayor Gary Christenson
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Donnie Yen Chi Tan's parents Yen Wan Lung and Mak Bo Sim earlier held his 75th birthday and their 52th golden wedding anniversary party at the Boston Marriott Newton. The mayor of Malden Gary Christenson presented a certificate of recognition to Mr. and Mrs. Yen Wan Lung. Boston city councilman Tito Jackson also announced that the Boston City Council has made July 17, 2014 the Mr. and Mrs. Yen Day in Boston to honor Mr. and Mrs. Yen Wan Lung's contributions and achievements in the community for 39 years. The Mayor of Boston sent a representative to present a certificate to Chi Tan for his film industry achievements.

Chi Tan, his wife and sister Yen Chi Ching planned this party for two months and invited 300 friends and family members from Hong Kong, Europe, Canada and California to attend. Chi Tan's children Jeff, Jasmine and James attended. Cissy Wang's parents also attended to congratulate their in laws. Chi Tan and his sister presented figures of their family of four to their parents as a gift.

Chi Tan was very proud of his parents to receive such an honor. Because her parents after immigrating to Boston with them in 1975 have been working hard there. Father Yen worked in the newspaper business for 35 years, was faithful to his job, righteous and kind. He never did anything that went against his heart, as he silently serviced the community for over 30 years. He said that his father was selfless, which was the biggest wealth. He also thanked his mother for cultivating his martial art. "My parents have taught me a lot and given me infinite love. With them as teachers and role models, I was able to never give up on my dreams amid hardship. They are the world's best parents, I hope to be like my parents and give the best family value to my children."

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