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International superstar Donnie Yen Chi Tan's father Yen Wan Lung earlier celebrated his 75th birthday and 52th golden wedding anniversary in Boston. 300 friends and family members from around the world came to celebrate. Papa Yen before retiring worked at the Sing Tao Daily Boston office. Sing Tao News Group CEO on the day of the party sent a thank you letter and an "excellent achievement award" to honor Papa Yen's 34 years of contribution to the Sing Tao Daily Boston office.

Yen Chi Tan, his wife Cissy Wang and sister Yen Chi Ching planned this party for two months, inviting around 300 friends and family members from Hong Kong, Europe, Canada and California to Boston to share the joy with Papa and Mama Yen. Cissy Wang's parents also attended to congratulate their in laws.

Before Papa Yen retired he worked at the Sing Tao Daily Boston Office for 34 years and deserved a lot of credit for the newspaper's increasing advertising business. Even after retirement he still provided a lot of valuable suggestions to the Group. Sing Tao News Group thus on the day of the party sent Papa Yen a thank you letter and an "excellent achievement award" to honor him for his tireless and devote contribution of excellence to the newspaper content and business for 34 years. Papa Yen was elated and it was joy upon joy for him.

Chi Tan's three children Jeff, Jasmine and James attended. Jeff at Cissy's encouragement was the host and even sat next to Cissy all night. Jasmine and James sang and dance. James even entertained the guests with kung fu.

Chi Tan thanked his father for raising him during the speech. Since childhood he was taught to value life principles. He said, "When I learned to drive, I really wanted to get Father's old car. However Father gave the old car to a poor new immigrant family." Papa Yen was obviously charitable, passionate and righteous. Chi Tan also pointed out that his martial art school operating mother was infinitely tough and loving. Under his mother's tireless guidance he spent years on martial art lessons. He thanked his parents for letting him choose the road that he liked, with them as teachers and role models he was able to never give up on his dreams amid difficulty. He said, "Without my parents, I wouldn't be where I am today."

His sister Yen Chi Ching said that for his father's birthday, the entire family had a rare reunion for the first time.

Aside from performance from the children, when the birthday cake was presented, Chi Tan also played the birthday song on the stage for his father. Chi Tan and his sister also presented a 10 square inched glass box with sculptures of the family of four to their father as a birthday gift. They also presented many valuable gifts for a lucky drawing for their family and friends.

Chi Tan was all over the venue. Aside from being the event photographer he also toasted every table to thank his family and friends. He also posed for photos with guests.

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