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Anjaylia Chan and Evelyn Choi
Producer Tin Kai Man, Ronald Cheng, and director James Hung are confident in the film
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Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, Anjaylia Chan Ka Bo, Evelyn Choi Wing Yan and Alex Lam Tatk Shun two nights ago attended the film THE SEVENTH LIE (DAI 7 FONG YIN)'s celebration at the Kowloon Cricket Club. The film earlier won two international awards. New director James Hung Ling Jing and producer Tin Kai Man. Tin Gai revealed that the film was a low budget production and thanked the cast for completing it "as a favor".

Ronald thought the story was pretty interesting so he agreed as soon as he heard it. He did not mind performing "as a favor". In the film his character specialized in catching cheaters but unexpectedly he caught his own wife. In real life he had no such experience and has never been caught. Ronald also revealed that next year he has plans to form a film production company that would make any and all genres like this type of small budget films. However for now he had no plan to sign any artist. Anjaylia revealed that this was the first film after she graduated. With a good film or for charity he would not mind performing "as a favor". Speaking of her friend Evelyn's kiss scene with Alex in the film, Anjaylia revealed that Evelyn was so happy she could not sleep the night before because she could kiss a "god". She got to kiss gods in both films that she has made, the last time was Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting). She admitted that her friends were very envious. In addition, Evelyn earlier was caught with her boyfriend on a sweet date. She admitted that she and her industry outsider boyfriend have been together for a year. After the news hit the street, her boyfriend's friends made fun of him but he was not mad. Her heart ached for him instead. She said that she hoped to push a little more in her career, Anjaylia immediately urged her to wed and revealed that they often dined together. They might as well hold a wedding banquet. Evelyn covered her mouth to keep her from revealing anything more.

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