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Karen Mok Man Wai's film THE GREAT HYPNOTIST held its Hong Kong premiere two nights ago. She attended with her mother. Susan Shaw Yam Yam, Alex Law Kai Yui, Mabel Cheung Yui Ting and Stanley Kwan Kam Peng also attended. As for Leo Kui Ke's official marriage to his assistant Lorraine, Karen revealed that he informed her right away.

Karen also revealed that while working on the film in Tianjin, the home next door was the most haunted. Although she did not run into any ghost, she was a little dizzy at work and felt a little strange. Speaking of her friend Gei Jai's marriage announcement two days ago, Karen said that he informed her right away. "I kind of knew earlier, he didn't have to say it. We knew each other for so long, we will have a few more toasts then. (Have you waited for a long time?) Too long! However, he has been dating for 20 years, it is a stage that is worth celebration." In addition, Karen earlier in England went with her husband and a group of German friends to watch the World Cup. Because her husband's home country Germany won, she was happy too.

Sister Yam Yam made a mistake and asked reporters why they did not ask her about Louis Koo Tin Lok's wedding. Later she caught her error. He said, "I just finished the film CHUNG FUNG CHEH with Gei Jai. I am very happy that he got married and have a good family. He has someone to take care of him. I believe his fans will be happy too."

Also, Sister Yam Yam admitted Mickey Mak Kei's passing surprised her. "Mak Kei and I knew each other OK, when he just returned from the U.S. he attended the Performing Artist Guild events and very actively volunteered with them. At the Guild meetings he would also give us suggestions for improvement. He cared about Hong Kong film very much." Sister Yam Yam also pointed out that she did not know when the funeral will be, but she believed that the Guild will notify her. She also said, "He hasn't been sick for too long, I miss him very much." Sister Yam Yam also revealed that she will work with Shirley Yeung Szeki and the Golden Horse Award Best Supporting Actress Yeow Yann Yann on a vampire film.

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