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John Cusack,  AmandaWang, Jackie Chan, Lin Peng, Daniel Lee

Lin Peng finally gets her wish to become an action actress
Choi Si-Won, Adrien Brody, Jackie Chan and director Daniel Lee
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International film star Jackie Chan's new film DRAGON BLADE (TIN JEUNG HUNG SI) went to shoot in the Aksai Desert in the Gansu Province. An Oscar Best Actor who was worth US$ 8 million, Adrien Brody in order to work with his idol Jackie Chan was willing to call him to offer his services, since the production began he had to suffer sand storms. The charm of Big Brother truly was unstoppable!

Jackie Chan's new action film DRAGON BLADE also starred Oscar Best Actor Adrien Brody, Hollywood superstar John Cusack and Korean hunk Choi Si-Won. In recent months the production has been heating up.

Winning the 2002 Oscar Best Actor with THE PIANIST, Adrien Brody has worked with famous Mainland director Feng Xiaogang on 1942 and is worth US$ 8 million. Reportedly Adrien has always admired Jackie Chan. When he first learned about Jackie Chan's project, he asked around for Jackie Chan's number and called him to offer his services.

Adrien and the team are currently working in Aksai in the Gansu province. With the unpredictable desert weather they often suffered from sudden sandstorms. Playing a prince in the film, Adrien everyday had to don an "armor" in the heat and brave the sun! When the shoot ran into a big sandstorm, the costumes added to the difficulty of any sandstorm precaution. They could only "tough it out".

However, in order to work with Jackie Chan, Adrien did not mind getting sand all over. With Jackie Chan's action direction he even humbly learned. Jackie Chan praised this Oscar Best Actor. "John Cusack and Adrien aren't action actors, but they learn very fast. In addition my fighting style is very solid, it's not the flying back and forth type."

Earlier the media visited the set. Jackie Chan who did not have a scene came to show his support. In a tee shirt and a hat with a sand blocking net, he jokingly demonstrate how he protected himself with all the white scarves around his hat during a sandstorm. He said, "I spent seven years to prepare this film, its investment would reach US$65 million. I have a lot of confidence in this film's box office, the film will be a turning point in my life." Jackie Chan even enjoyed being in the desert, because without the internet he was able to focus on the shoot more. However, he only found out about the passing of famous filmmaker Choi Wing Cheong recently. He asked a friend to send a floral arrangement but missed the funeral. Big Brother lamented that everyone should cherish those around them more.

Korean star Choi Si-Won also praised Jackie Chan for taking great care of him, as everything was very well arranged. In the end he finally understood why everyone called Jackie Chan Big Brother. "Jackie Chan protected everyone very well, he also prepared food, grapefruit tea, etc. for the team and the cast. I hope to have another chance to work with Big Brother again."

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