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Sammi Cheng is fine with a significant other with "all the organs"
AngelaBaby does not mind playing ugly in the film, which is a new challenge for her
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Myolie Wu supports Sire Ma but keeps her mouth shut to avoid further trouble
Myolie Wu, Sammi Cheng, Angelababy, Cheuk Wan Chi
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The Cheuk Wan Chi directed film TEMPORARY FAMILY (SUT LUEN GUP YEUNG) two nights ago held a Guangzhou press conference. Lead actor Nick Cheung Ka Fai was absent, as the director led three lead actresses Sammi Cheng Sau Man, AngelaBaby and Myolie Wu Hung Yi to the event. The stars were asked about their wedding date. Often rumored to wed, Sammi and Baby both agreed that they were not in a hurry, instead the still single Hung Yi was the most "willing". Unfortunately she still has not found her other half.

The event aired some outtakes. In one scene Ka Fai removed guest star Jacky Cheung Hok Yau's wig and put it on his own head. Sammi was asked whether Ka Fai or Oho Ou had the better body? She joked that she was not too demanding, the most important for the entire body to be neat. If all the organs were there then they were fine. As for love, Sammi said that after growing up and getting experienced, she felt passion was no longer important. The most important was to find a companion in life to share everything in life with. They could become each other's best friend.

As for wedding date, Sammi admitted, that her life now was no different from being married. Would her boyfriend Andy Hui Chi On agree? She nodded. Just rumored to be marrying Huang Xiaoming, Baby said that she was in no hurry. Her boyfriend agreed with her thinking. They were very busy, as long as they were happy together. A natural life would be fine, because sometimes plans could not be changed in time. Hung Yi said, "I really long for the married life, first I have to find the other half."

Sammi said that this was a light comedy. Working with Ka Fai has been very pleasant, even when she had to wear six inch heels for the shoot she was fine. As for she was fine with her male companion as long as he had all the organs, Sammi added that she meant facial features; later she asked reporters, "Do muscles count as organs?" Baby said that actually Sammi meant that he should have a heart and lungs. Sammi agreed that felt that having a heart was the most important. He had to have a heart for her and the community.

Baby in the film will blacken her skin. Her character was rough so the shoot was very relaxing. Her dark make up led to past cosmetic surgery rumors being dug up. Baby said, "There is no ugliest, only even uglier." She would not be upset over this and since everyone felt that she changed she succeeded. She felt that everyone had an adolescence and when they did not know how to dress up. Baby was grateful to have had some not so great looking photos so she could be criticized online. She also thanked Heaven for giving her the opportunity so she would have a chance to work even harder. In addition, Hung Yi earlier supported her friend Sire Ma Choi and in the end exchanged fire with Wang Ziqi's other half, rich woman Laura. Hung Yi said that she has said that she wanted to say. She hoped that everyone would talk about the film. She would not be upset over what was said.

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