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Dennis To suddenly cancelled his lawsuit
Checkley Sin will hold a press conference to explain the details
Dennis To's relationship is stable
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Dennis To Yu-Hang earlier turned on his master Checkley Sin Kwok Lam and finally was ousted from the ranks. Earlier he sued and claimed that Master Sin Kwok Lam's National Arts Holdings Limited was late in payment and turned down offers for him without permission. He asked the court for a injunction to terminate the contract and HK$2.16 million. Yet he suddenly cancelled the suit. Tomorrow in several Hong Kong newspaper he would publish a statement to thank Master Sin Kwok Lam for cultivating him.

The statement also mentioned the Master had given his endless support whether in teaching national arts, on the performing art road and financially. Even if his film did not perform well at the box office he still remained by him. Luckily after the lawsuit was exposed, he received legal world elders' advice and understood that if he would continue on his mistake would only worsen. He immediately halted and corrected himself. He was willing to make compensation to his master. He also apologized to everyone at his management company National Arts. The statement content was similar an earlier report of "seven sins". The storm finally was considered settling peacefully.

To Yu-Hang admitted that he called the Master and both decided an "amicable break up". "The contract has been terminated and the compensation has been made. I can't say how much it was. I asked the master to meet for tea, but lately he has been busy with the company. perhaps he will wait until later. (Is Sin Kwok Lam still your mentor?) I still call him that, but you have to ask him about how he thinks. (He said that you made a bad friend.) I felt that it was just a misunderstanding."

To Yu-Hang also said that because earlier he caused a lot of trouble, he chose to rest temporarily and return later. If he has contacted any other management company already. He kept his mouth shut, "I am not talking about that, in the end I would work hard."

Sin Kwok Lam tomorrow afternoon will hold a press conference at his Kwun Tong office to explain the details.

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  1. Hope to see more of his movies! Great guy! Will be the next donnie yuen! An icon