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Chin Wa plays a principal who insists on continuing despite only having 3 students left, Chu Nui (left), Kitty (second right) and Jenny (right)
Chin Wa cools down with a little fan in yesterday's high heat
For Chu Nui's 5th birthday, her parents, Chin Wa and producer Benny Chan present her with a birthday cake
The only 5 or 6 years old girls in the film are energetic and cute
Chin Wa takes a bicycle for a joy ride
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Miriam Yeung Chin Wa yesterday worked on the film NG GOR SIU HAI DIK HAU JUENG (FIVE CHILDREN'S PRINCIPAL) in Tsuen Wan. Bonnie Wong Wai Man who played a cleaning lady made fun of her for only having three students in the scene. Yesterday the temperature reached 34 degree Celsius. Playing Principal Lui in the film, Chin Wa and her students Chu Nui, Jennie and Kitty had to wear long sleeve clothes for winter scenes. Thus they immediately cooled down with a little fan when they were not in the shoot.

Chin Wa worked on the film in Tsuen Wan. When she was not in a scene she took a bicycle for a fun joy around the set.

Yesterday was one of the child actor Chu Nui's fifth birthday. Chin Wa and Chu Nui's parents, producer Benny Chan Muk Sing and the team presented a birthday cake during lunch to celebrate with her. "Little classmates" Siu Suet, Jennie, Kitty and Ka Ka also sang birthday songs. Chu Nui was all smile and even gave Chin Wa a kiss.

With five children, Chin Wa admitted that at first she was worried that she would not be able to handle them. Luckily as a mother she already had experience with children. In addition the five child actors were very nice so the shoot was very successful. She said that during the shoot she realized that she inherited her father's teaching genes and had potential to teach. In the future she could start a playground as a teacher.

With 5 energetic girls everyday, would she want to have a daughter? Chin Wa joked that Real Ting Chi Ko of course would like to, but she felt that she would be at a disadvantage as a daughter would take away her husband's love for her! She said, "Chu Nui yesterday told me that when her father looks at her he seemed to be very 'lum' (loving). A father would definitely be 'lum' to death by his daughter! However, children are up to fate, I would be very happy to have them. I really like children, I will leave the decision up to fate."

If in real life she had five daughters what would she do? Chin Wa said, "I immediately would stop working and switch job to open a tutoring center. With one son and five daughters, it would be very amazing!" On the set, Chin Wa on and off camera got along with five child actors. Five little girls saw Chin Wa as a real principal. As long as Chin Wa made a noise, she would all nicely quiet down. Chin Wa praised them as very smart. They could recite difficult to remember dialogues without skipping a single word. Instead she as the principal has forgotten her line once or twice. Although the temperature was high, the five child actors had a lot of fun with the shoot. They all wanted Sister Chin Wa to play with them all the time.

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